Trucks Involved in 30% of Work Zone Fatalities

shutterstock_121178299smThe trucking industry plays a significant role in work zone fatalities, and their involvement is increasing over the last few years. As a part of National Work Zone Awareness Week, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released data collected from 2014 regarding work zone crashes and fatalities.

Work Zone Fatality Statistics

  • 30% of work zone fatalities are caused by commercial and large trucks
  • 246 large trucks were involved in work zone crashes in 2014
  • Large trucks were responsible for 29% more work zone crashes in 2014
  • Over 31,000 work zone injuries occurred in 2014
  • Work zone crashes and fatalities were up 13% in 2014
  • Work zone related crashes and injuries cost the construction industry over $3.9 billion a year

Commercial fleet owners need to train their drivers to be more vigilant when driving through highway work zones. While the truckers may not always cause the accident, they may not be aware of what is happening on the road in front of them, which may prevent them from stopping in time to prevent a major crash.

Work zone fatalities cost billions for the construction industry and have a negative impact on the safety records for commercial fleets. Contact the experts at Three Points Insurance for more industry news and commercial fleet safety strategies.