Three Recent Examples of Weather and Driver Error Causing Significant Crashes

shutterstock_2826279sm - CopyIn the beginning of May, three crashes were caused by poor weather conditions and poor judgement. Truck drivers in Arizona, South Carolina and California quickly discovered that one wrong move can result in a crash or a 12 car pileup.

California Authorities Seeking Information on a Hit and Run

On an early Saturday morning, the corner of Soto and 37th street in Vernon was the sight of a crash that killed one person and injured another. A truck driver ran a red light and struck a pickup truck. The pickup was pinned under the tractor trailer and drug before the truck driver stopped the vehicle. The passenger of the pickup was killed and the driver suffered minor injuries.

The truck driver disconnected the trailer from the cab and fled the scene in the cab of the truck. Authorities found the cab later in the day, but the truck driver has yet to be found.

Truck Driver Charged with Driving Too Fast

On I-10 near Camden, South Carolina, a truck driver going too fast for conditions went over a guardrail and into the Wateree River. Heavy rains had created slippery conditions, so that when the driver tried to pass another vehicle he lost control of the tractor trailer, struck the guardrail, and entered the river.

The truck driver suffered minor injuries but was able to climb onto the roof of the cab to be rescued.

Dust Storm Causes another Pileup

In one week, dust storms caused incidents on I-10 in Arizona. One such storm caused a 12 vehicle pileup near San Simon that resulted in minor injuries. The poor visibility caused one truck driver to hit and total a DPS vehicle. Fortunately, the DPS driver was out of the vehicle and wasn’t seriously injured in the crash.

Bad weather and poor judgement can affect drivers at any time. Contact the experts at Three Points Insurance to learn how you can protect your fleet and your business.