Four DUI’s and This Truck Driver is Out According to FMCSA

greyTruckYakov Zaverukha was cited by the Illinois State Police on March 21st for driving under the influence of alcohol. Zaverukha has had three other alcohol-related violations, forcing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to issue a shutdown order for this truck driver.

All of Zaverukha’s DUI citations have occurred while operating a commercial vehicle. In 2007 he had multiple alcohol related convictions in Massachusetts, leading to a suspension of his CDL. Then his CDL was suspended for eight months in November 2012 after DUI violations while driving a truck in Connecticut.  This was followed by another conviction in Connecticut in December of 2012, which led to a 15-month suspension.

These multiple convictions in several states over a period of nine years has lead the FMCSA to believe that Mr. Zaverukha isn’t able to stop driving a commercial vehicle under the influence, which creates a risk to public safety. The FMCSA believes that the shutdown order of Yakov Zaverukha’s California-issued CDL in the only way to protect the public and Zaverukha from serious bodily injury or death.

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