Driver Detention – Is an Online Database the Answer?

threeTruckLineDriver detention at shippers’ docks has become a substantial, long-standing problem. The US DOT has estimated that it results in approximately $4 billion in annual loss. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. has published a white paper estimating that a fleet of 100 trucks could lose more than 3,600 loads per year from detention. Over 60% of drivers experience detention – defined as waiting more than 2 hours to load or unload. The FMCSA is also assessing data available as directed by the FAST Act, but refuses to comment until the work is complete.

Experts believe the problem may be reduced or even eliminated by creating an electronic database in which customers are able to rate a carrier’s performance. The database would be similar to popular websites Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, and Yelp! in providing real-time, open-source reviews and ratings of shipping interactions across the country. Many shippers are unaware of the issue or its magnitude, a clear sign that more concrete and publicly accessible metrics must be implemented.

What are you doing to avoid detention and other time-consuming interactions? Is your transportation business prepared to utilize such tools when they become available? To learn more about detention, transportation practices, and trucking coverages, contact us.