Combat Driver Fatigue with Facial Recognition Software

Truck on HighwayIn the battle against driver fatigue, commercial fleets have many different tools at their disposal. New technology, a type of facial recognition software, can even detect instances of microsleep.

Facial Recognition Software

The software is a combination of a lighting system, camera and a speaker that will detect signs of driver fatigue. When these signs are detected, the software sends the information to the dispatcher. The dispatcher can then determine if what the software detected is genuine. If the software detected a sleep incident, the dispatcher can contact the driver and the driver’s manager.

The dispatcher and the manager then can decide what step to take, such as whether to have the driver pull over to get some sleep or have the driver return to the depot for the day.


Facial recognition software may be able to help your company detect instances of microsleep, or brief instances of sleep that last approximately 30 seconds. Microsleep often occurs when a person is fatigued but struggling to stay awake.

Even dozing for a few seconds can be hazardous while driving and a sure sign your driver needs to rest. Signs of microsleep include tilting the head to one side, head snapping, prolonged eye closing or blank staring.

The special facial recognition software is designed to detect even these subtle signs that the driver may be unresponsive to his surroundings and a danger on the road.

Detecting driver fatigue is an important step in creating a safe commercial fleet and reducing risk. Contact the experts at Three Points Insurance to learn more.